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The "Standard" material specification includes a stainless steel 304 band with a brass screw and bush. The standard H Type has a stainless steel 304 hexagonal cap in addition. This material combination is durable and rust proof. For very highly corrosive environments specify the "All Stainless Steel" alternative which replaces the brass components with those of stainless steel 303 and 304. Due to the advanced design no wear occurs to the clip through repeated tightening guaranteeing UNEX® can be re-used time after time. The smooth inner band has no protrusions or indentations to snag or tear the hose. The combination of these benefits makes the UNEX® an extremely cost effective proposition.


The D Type is designed for operation by just a normal screwdriver or the dedicated UNEX Driver™ - see back page. Engaging the bit into the screw slot allows easy tightening or loosening. The H Type needs no tools at all. Its hexagonal cap is intended for hand tightening and is large enough to be manipulated by gloved hands - important in laboratories etc. The thread pitch of the adjustment screw permits precise control and it can even seal tubing onto delicate laboratory glassware without the risk of breakage. The B Type offers a 6 or 7mm A/F hex head for use with nut runners.


The unique patented double loop design produces a closing action known as "Uniform Periphery Contraction". Tightening the screw opens the outer band whilst closing the inner one. The flexible stainless band evenly distributes the closing force through 360° around the circumference of the hose. This action, combined with in-built gearing on closure, translates into a remarkable sealing ability. As evidence to this efficiency line pressures of up to 2000 psi/130 bar can be contained under ideal circumstances. The principle is particularly effective on smaller diameters; down to as little as 7.4 mm O.D. and works equally well on either soft or hard wall tubing.


Weighing as little as 6 grams each, less than half that of other clamps, UNEX® can make a significant impact on weight reduction of hose assemblies. In terms of space the band closely follows the circumference of the hose with only the adjustment screw protruding at 90°. This orientation is convenient for adjustment when access is limited and the OBA screw itself can be utilized as a mounting method. The K Type version has a shortened screw for applications in very confined areas.


UNEX® is particularly capable of sealing those difficult smaller diameter hoses. Consequently the range covers diameters from just 7.4mm O.D. and moves up in overlapping steps to 41 mm O.D. In between or larger diameter sizes are available to special order. The clip reference, e.g. D 19 refers to the head type which = D and the maximum diameter size which = 19mm. The clips are delivered "open" i.e. maximum diameter state. Each clip has a closing range between 3mm and 5mm max to min on O.D. dependent upon sizing and the screw fitted. Please refer to the size chart below for full details.


The right tool for the job! A normal screwdriver works well but the UNEX DRIVER™ is easier and quicker. The precision ground bit provides optimum screw slot engagement. The blade is protected by a sleeve/shroud which acts as a guide for location, and eliminates the risk of slipping when tightening. Invaluable for service engineers who regularly operate UNEX® clips.


For larger diameters or lighter duty applications we have devised a simpler and more economic type of hose clip. It features high quality stainless steel 304 band with brass screw and bush which can be specified with either the H type or D type head configuration. The operating principle is similar to UNEX® but the double loop design is replaced by a simpler single loop with saddle bridge. The flexible band works well on circular, elliptical or even rectangular sections. Made against order and to the exact "open" diameter requested.

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